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  • Do I need an appointment to look at accessories?
    Yes, we go by appointment only. Same day appointments may be available. Booking is available online by clicking here. We highly recommend that you bring your wedding gown in when shopping for accessories. Decisions to match up colour and jewels will be much easier when you have your dress on. It takes all the guessing out! Tip* Have your hairstyle picked out and any inspirational photos
  • How many guests can I bring?
    You are welcome to bring 2 guests in total to your accessory appointment. (limited space)
  • What accessories do you have?
    We have a beautiful unique collection of veils, bridal jewelry, hair accents, tiaras, bridal belts, as well as a section of purses. Everything you'll need to complete your bridal look. Come ready to say "yes" to your accessories. All our inventory is one of a kind and changes almost daily.
  • Do I need an appointment to consign gowns and accessories?
    Yes, we are by appointment only. Appointments take approximately 15 minutes where you fill out the contract while one of our staff evaluates the gown for wear and tear. To book an appointment please click here.
  • What kinds of items do you take on consignment?
    Bridal Gowns (10 years or newer) ** Some exceptions may be made with pictures provided. Please make sure there is no heavy DAMAGE to the gown. (ripped tulle, large holes, missing too many beads) Bridal accessories (veils, shoes, jewelry,purses,shawls,belts,hair accents,)
  • My gown hasn't been dry cleaned, can I still consign it?
    Yes! A staff member will evaluate the dress during the appointment and assess cleanliness and damage levels. Cleaning done in house ranging from $50-$150.
  • How much money will I get for my consigned items?
    There is a 60/40 split. 60% boutique & 40% consignor. We strive to attain the highest amount for your items. Keeping your designer tags are very important to the authenticity of your wedding gown. Pricing is determined by age, condition, designer and style. (If the gown has been specifically altered it may impact the length of time it will take to sell)
  • How long will you keep my items for?
    All items will remain in our inventory until they are sold. Your items will never be donated without your approval. For example we have gowns in our inventory from 10 years ago and we do not call or e-mail for updates. If you have a gown with us past the contract date and haven't head from us, please feel free to e-mail with all your contact information for an account update. Due to high volume of inquires we will get back to you on a priority basis.
  • What if I want my gown back?
    We encourage you to keep the gown with us until it's sold or we call you to pick it up. Some gowns can take a few years to sell due to size, height and style. If you're looking to pick up your gown, please send a request by e-mail only to If your gown is still available in our inventory a confirmation e-mail will be sent and a $150 fee will apply and be due at time of pick up. (we have very limited space to store dresses) If you have requested to pick up your gown and received conformation of pick up, you will have 1 week to retrieve it, otherwise a $25 per month storage fee will apply until it is picked up. (we have very limited space to store dresses) Maximum hold time is 2 months. If we have not heard from you to make other pick-up arrangements, the gown will be donated without further notice on your behalf to a local charity. If the gown is unavailable you will receive an address confirmation for your future payout. (Some gowns may be on layaway)
  • When will I know if my items have sold?
    Once a gown / accessories has been sold and fully paid off (some accounts may be on layaway up to 6 months) you will receive an e-mail or phone call to confirm your mailing address. A cheque will be mailed out to the address confirmed. No Cash payouts or e-transfers Please NO phone calls or drop-in's to inquire about consigned items. E-mail only to:
  • How do I get paid for my items?
    A cheque will be mailed out once an item is fully paid for to the address on file. If there is any changes to your address or phone number you are responsible to update your account via e-mail only at
  • Why is my payout delayed?
    Delayed payouts can be a result from a late last payment causing the payout to be held until the gown is fully paid for. (Please take note some brides may back out of the sale due to unforeseen circumstances) If this does happen the gown will be immediately put back out to be sold. If by chance you have moved and did not update your mailing information with us and a cheque is returned, we will give a courtesy call to the number on file and hold the cheque for 30 days. If a cheque needs to be re-issued and mailed there will be a $60 administration fee.
  • Do I need an appointment to try on bridal gowns?
    Yes. Same day appointments may be available, please call to inquire or book online by clicking here: We are a full service boutique that operates Tuesday to Saturday by appointment. We will bring you bridal gowns expertly curated to your shape, style and budget. Our gowns are one of a kind and are not available to order.
  • Do you offer Sunday appointments?
    We will offer a Sunday appointment with a non-refundable $25 booking fee, however, the fee will go towards the purchase price if you find a gown.
  • How many guests can I bring?
    We welcome the bride plus 5 additional guests in for a bridal appointment (6 people total). Limited space provided.
  • Can I look through the gowns and choose what I want to try on?
    While it might be tempting to browse, handling of the dresses is limited to Ashbury Bridal staff only. As we are a consignment boutique, we have to prevent wear and tear on the dresses to preserve the quality of the consignor gowns. We are a full service boutique which means we do all the legwork for you! We have thousands of dresses in the store and know our inventory inside-out. We will bring you all your options in the style and size you are looking for. Thank you for your understanding
  • Do you have parking?
    We are now located at 110 - 1940 Kane Road and we have a PARKING LOT with lots of FREE parking! '
  • What is the price range of your gowns?
    Ashbury is filled with gowns for every brides budget. If you LOVE it you get to leave with it the same day! We love the cost-savvy! Our bridal gowns start at $500 - $2500+ (please keep in mind, alterations are an extra cost)
  • Preparing for an appointment:
    The more you know about your wedding...the easier it is to find your dream dress!! Please bring inspirational photos of gowns that peaked your interest. Venue - golf course, red barn, beach, mountain Style - boho, classic, edgy, unique Season -Winter- cold/ Summer- hot Vibe - formal/whimsical/beachy
  • Appointment Etiquette
    -Full bottom underwear -Perfume Free -Minimal make up (NO bronzer or Lip Color) -NO Body oils -Hygiene is greatly appreciated as these are not sample gowns. Please come fresh and ready to find your dream dress!
  • Will you hold a dress for me?
    We value the weight of this exciting emotional decision but we cannot hold dresses or guarantee they will still be here after your appointment. We will accept a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of 25% of the purchase price to hold the gown for 3 days.
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