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Hello World!

This blog is a new space for us... not sure quite yet, what it will turn out to be… but we’ve been pulled to start this, so here we go! What a better time to embrace change, and start something new, than during this shift in our new normal. When everyone is a bit (or a lot) uncertain, and most of us just need some love, patience and compassion.

We have heard many stories of people, taking these past months of unknowing, to really re-evaluate, where we fit in this world? What really matters most to you? How can you have more of that in your life experience? Have you taken this time to just be? Be with nature, be with the ones you love, be with yourself?

When Ashbury Bridal opened in 2007, no once thought the concept would take off.

“Used wedding dresses? Brides will never go for that!”

But the creator of Ashbury,Shilo, thought bigger, and opened her business with a BIG heart and even BIGGER VISION….

Here at Ashbury, we are so much more than a “bridal store”. We bring in dresses, and accessories that have been preloved, by someone else, on their special day. We then find a new ‘bride’, to love it again….and encourage them to bring it back once their special day is complete.

Sounds simple, and like a fabulous concept, right? But it is so much more than that…. every dress that is ‘loved forward’, keeps a new one from coming from a factory, usually across the ocean, or at the very least, across the country. It helps create less pollution, and ultimately, less ‘stuff’ in our landfills.

It may seem like a small step, but it is our vision to educate and revolutionize the wedding industry. And we hope that you will help us do just that.

Many ways to help us spread the love…by loving a pre-loved gown, loving your gown forward, and helping us spread the word about our boutique and mission. And hey, you might even save (or make) some money, all while helping our planet.

Mother Earth says, thank you.