Do I need an appointment to try on bridesmaids dresses?

Yes, we go by appointment.  Same day appointments may be available. 

We are a full service boutique and will bring you gowns expertly curated to your size and style.

Please know the bridal party colour options, size(s), formal/casual, long or short. 

We do not order any gowns so the more details you know, the easier it is!


Can I look through the gowns and choose what I want to try on?

We are a full service boutique which means we do all the legwork for you! We have thousands of dresses in the store and know our inventory inside-out so we can bring you all the options in your style and size.

Because we are a consignment boutique, we have to prevent wear and tear on the dresses to preserve the quality of the consignor gowns. Ashbury Bridal limits the handling of the dresses to our staff only. 


Do you have matching sets of bridesmaids dresses?

Sometimes! However, we are seeing brides come in wanting colour coordination for their bridesmaids rather than matching colours - which we think is beautiful!

It is so much fun to pick a colour theme and then have your bridemaids find different styles and colours that are uniquely flattering and comfortable. This mix 'n' match approach makes your wedding that much more personal and gives your photos an extra dimension. Magazine editors will be begging to use your pictures!


How many guests can I bring?

We welcome the bridesmaid plus 1 additional guest for a bridesmaid appointment (2 people total).

Please get in touch if you would like to shop with all bridesmaids to coordinate colours and styles. We will book a bigger room and more time.


What is the price range of your gowns?

Ashbury is filled with pre-loved (and new!) designer gowns for same day purchase. You love it you leave with it. 

Our bridesmaids gowns  $100 - $300.  We have long and short