Bridal Sizing

Do you have dresses online and in the boutique?

Yes! We have thousands of dresses and accessories! Our online gallery going to showcase (add info). They are style diverse, niche in design and will captivate the unique bride looking for a one of a kind Wedding gown. Please check back to see the online collection grow!


Are bridal sizes the same as street sizes?

No, there is approximately a two size difference between street and formal sizing. For example, if you are a street size 4 you are likely a size 8 in bridal. Or if you are a size 14 in street clothing, you might be an 18 in bridal.

These are general approximations as sizing varies between designers. That's why it is far more valuable to use your measurements. Not only can number sizing vary, but it also might not accomodate your individual figure. Most women have a different bust to waist to hip size. For example, a woman's hips might be a 12, her waist a size 10 and her bust a size 6.

We include both the number sizing and approximate measurements on our online listings for the clearest picture of how a dress might fit.


How do I take my measurements?

You will need a fabric/cloth measuring tape - the kind that seamstresses use. It needs to be thin and flexible so it follows the curve or your body closely. Do not use a metal tape (but you might have to for the hollow to hem measurement). It is very beneficial to have someone help you.

Bust: Measure at the fullest part of your bust and wrap all the way around your torso keeping the tape parallel to the floor. Make sure your arms are relaxed by your sides, and that you're standing straight and relaxed.

Waist: Measure at the smallest part of your waist. Most often it is somewhere above your belly button but below your ribcage. Stand straight and relaxed - don't suck in!

Hips: Measure across the fullest part of your bottom, this is often lower than we might think - we want to include the buttocks. Stand with your feet together, relaxed and standing straight.

Hollow to hem: Put on the shoes you want to wear or height of shoes you will be wearing on your day. Measure from the hollow of your collar bone to the floor. Stand straight and look forward - not down!


I'm not sure if the dress I love will fit, can you help?

We would love to help ensure a good fit. Send us an email with the dress(es) you love along with your measurements: bust, waist, hips and hollow of your collar bone to the floor. We have size adjustable mannequins we can dial to your specific measurements and see if the dress will be a good fit!


What is the difference between dress silhouettes?

Excellent question. Check out the graphic below to help you understand. If you have more questions or want to see the unique shape of an individual dress on a mannequin, send us your measurements and we can show you what the dress might look like on you!

  • ...Whimsical Princess

    Spring & Summer

    Classic toulle ballgown

  • ...Classic Formal

    Fall & Winter

    Satin A-Line

  • ...Disney Vibes

    Spring & Fall

    Drop Waist, Sweet Heart, Pick up Skirt

  • ...Traditionally Regal

    Full lace, fit and flare, classic straight cut

  • ...Year round Princess

    True ballgown, A-line, low plunge V-neck

  • ..Curvy and Sexy

    Mermaid and ruffle skirt, structured

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